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Accommodation is the basic needs of human being. Compared to population growth of Bangladesh accommodation is not available to all residence of our country. Though accommodation problem is country wide but in Dhaka it is so serious. In the present time this 400 years old Dhaka city is on the verge of extinction on the basis of over pressure of population. Air pollution, sound pollution, traffic jam is the everyday matter of city dwellers so for these natural and environmental problem peoples’ working hour is diminishing do by day. By considering these above phenomenons recently government decided to extend the area of Dhaka city. According to RAJUK plan the northern side of Dhaka city will be Tongi, Gazipur, Kaliakor and in the southwest part Keranigong will be included into Dhaka city. By the way to support government target “accommodation for all” within 2015 Maxwell Homes & Properties Limited has taken a land project namely Maxwell Western City that is situated in the west keranigong besides Mohammadpur. Maxwell Western City is 8 km far from National Parliament. Here Maxwell Group will build a city that provides all amenities of residence where your future generation can live without any hazard.

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